Street racer


It’s easy to assume that the Street Racer is just another flash game – another version of Tetris or Pac-Man that doesn’t have all that much to offer. However, the Street Racer is actually a unique and clever spin on classic gaming. Not only high-speed vehicles either – these are actual high-performance street machines, made to whip through the tightest, most dangerous corners imaginable while leaving their runners looking nigh on impossibly tough. If you’ve ever played one of these games before (whether it was the arcade, your high school years or any other era), you know the goal is to keep your character alive as long as possible. You earn money for performing certain tasks, like winning a race, making a jump or clearing a fence, and as you collect points you can purchase upgrades for your vehicle, which also give you power-ups that make you go that much farther.

The Street Racer is not quite as ambitious as some of its competitors; however, it manages to be a more enjoyable game than the average flash game. Some of the challenges are simple enough to easily accomplish, but others require strategy. A common challenge comes from the player needing to drive his vehicle through narrow gaps, while avoiding obstacles on the way. Although there are a few expensive items to buy, and there is an unlock system to get every machine in the game, the payouts are not particularly substantial, and the majority of the levels take a long time to complete.

The mechanics are straightforward enough, but as a concept and implementation of a popular video slot game, Street Racer is more innovative than most. Although it can be fun to play, the simplicity of the concept lends to a lack of big wins and can limit the appeal to those more analytical gamers who prefer to see big wins rather than a large number of small ones. For these people, the concept may not be fully broken down, but it is certainly a fun idea.

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