Octopus treasure


Octopus Treasure, as the name suggests, is a casino game based on an octopus. In the game, you have to place your bet on whether the octopus will bite you or not. The winning amount in this game, when coupled with the bonus amounts (if any) on top of it, can be astronomical.

Like all the different software company s games, Octopus Treasure has impeccable-looking visuals and stunning sound and visual animations. You will definitely find yourself attracted to the game due to the stunning 3D modeling done by the game developer. The game also features many game replicas, most especially those which are found on the ocean floor.

Aside from the 3D modeling, the different game replicas used in this game are also very interesting and offer a lot of fun to players. For example, one of these is the Octopus Treasure Collapsible, where you have to flip over the tentacles on the top of the screen by pressing the corresponding keys. Another is the Squid Tentacles, where you have to position the Squid Tentacles in between the anchor points on the bottom of the sea floor and release them by pressing the appropriate keys. There are many more, including the Octopus Attack, where you have to shoot the octopus at its vulnerable spots by aiming the weapon in its mouth section. However, the most interesting part of the whole game is the Bonus Features, which comes in the form of the Octopus Coin Bonus, the Bubble Bonus, the Squid Coin Bonus and the Laser Bonus, which you get after winning a certain number of times against the tentacles on the bottom of the ocean floor.

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