Galactic streak


The highest possible payout on Galactic Streak is a maximum of four in a single line. The best part of this is that the chances of winning increase exponentially with the number of bets you place. The first two choices in our recommended list are the lowest values of payout, but you still have the chance to be the first person to win a five-of-the-line slot. The next highest value is a maximum of two in a single line. If you want to get the most out of Galactic Streak, you’ll do well to avoid the first two options and play the high-value planets in the top set of lines. These also offer the best odds, but with the risk of a small payout.

You can use the scatter method with any of your selections, which means that you can place one bet and counts three spins later. When you start out, your expected payout is going to be much lower because you’ll be using the multipliers. This isn’t going to last forever, though. As you progress through the levels and start applying more of your own skill and concentration toward winning, the trick is to apply as much of your luck and skill to winning as possible and not rely on the Galactic Streak’s hidden power.

One very powerful strategy that many gamblers employ to win more money on Galactic Streak is the Wild Swing. If you use a Wild Swing, you need to be pretty sure that you’re not betting more on the wild side and more on a tight set of bets. This is where the wild power of the universe is at its worst, so it’s good to know exactly what you’re up against. With a tight set of bets, there will still be some luck involved, but it shouldn’t be all that much. This is where the real fun is because you can make some serious money on the wild side with this strategy, so don’t underestimate it.

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