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Do you like Live Casinos?

Live Casino is a combination of an online casino and a land-based casino. Using the casino software, we can play at home and feel like in a real casino room with all its characteristic elements, such as real tables and lively service.

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How does live casino work online?

Live casino from the player’s point of view differs little from online casinos operated solely by the software. Players still need to register at an online casino, create an account, and deposit money to play. Also all buttons and commands are equivalent to those in online casinos. The difference is that playing live we can see on the screen how the real croupier shuffles the cards or throw the roulette ball.

It is worth saying a few words about croupiers because it is mainly them that make a live casino so exciting. In almost every case, you’ll meet really beautiful women behind the tables. Some casinos in their live gaming platforms introduce additional options so that the fun is even better. They allow chatting with women who support the game. Thanks to this, you can say hello to the dealer, thank for the game, or send a compliment. At some live casinos, you’ll also be able to give the dealer a tip.

The live casino has a limited number of places for table games. If we want to join the table, we can sit down at free place or, if they are all occupied – either watch the game of others or look for a free place at other tables. Once you join the game, you can start using the chat option by saying hello to the croupier. Thanks to that we can gain her sympathy straight away, and we immediately find out that we are not watching any video but a direct broadcast from the game in which we will participate.

At Live Casino, dealers use real cards with bar code. The code reader is next to the dealer’s shoe with the deck. When the dealer ejects the card, the computer already knows what came out of the shoe. In order for the player to be 100% sure what card he actually got, they all have very large indexes. 

Next to Blackjack, another most popular game in live casinos is roulette. The dynamics of the game are great to build a spectacle that can end in big winnings. No wonder then that players are often choosing live roulette. The croupier turns the wheel while the position of the ball is monitored by special sensors. Everything is in front of our eyes and we can chat not only with the croupier but also with others playing at our table.

In Summary

Live casino like everything in this world, in addition to many advantages, also has its disadvantages. You can certainly count among them the slow pace of the game. In a live game, at least a few players usually sit at one table and you have to wait until all the participants make their decision. Another disadvantage may be the fact that the minimum stake in Live games is usually higher than in a traditional online casino.


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